3 considerations when picking out new flooring

3 considerations when picking out new flooring

Installing new flooring will transform your home?s appearance and boost its value. But it can be rather challenging trying to decide which type of flooring will be the ideal fit for your situation. In such a scenario, it can be helpful to consult an experienced flooring professional. At Cutting Edge Flooring Services, we can take your desires and budget into account, and then make recommendations accordingly. Our local flooring company provides expertise with many types of flooring in the greater Cincinnati area, including carpet, hardwood, and tile. Here are three important factors to consider when choosing new flooring.


If you have a young family with small children, then you?re going to want flooring that holds up strongly against spills. In the kitchen, you could choose ceramic tile flooring, which is commonly coated with a stain-resistant glaze. And in the bathroom, it?s important that you choose a?type of tile flooring?that is highly water-resistant so that there?s not a risk of water damage when bathtub water goes splashing out. For home?s with residents that are in their golden years, it could be better to go with carpet wherever possible because it is gentler on joints and provides more cushioning in the event of a fall.

Personal Aesthetic

When choosing flooring, your decision isn?t just about functionality. It?s also about style. With carpet, there is a vast array of colors to choose from, from neutral tones to colors that are bright and bold. Or if you prefer a more rich and rustic look, then there are various hardwood options to explore. And for a stately appearance, there are natural stone tiles worth considering.


Of course, you?ll want to work within an established budget to make sure you aren?t overextending yourself with your flooring selection. At Cutting Edge Flooring Services, we?re happy to provide a free flooring proposal. This will make it easier for you to make an informed decision about how you?re investing your money.

Floor Installation in West Chester, OH

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