3 interesting facts about carpet

3 interesting facts about carpet

On a day-to-day basis, you might not think much about the carpet in your home, other than whether or not it needs to be vacuumed. But there are actually some interesting anecdotes about carpet. At Cutting Edge Flooring Services, we?re passionate about beautiful carpets and love finding out new things about our industry. And when it?s time for new carpet in your home, don?t hesitate to give us a call. We?d love to help you pick out the perfect carpet for your desires and budget. Then we can provide a flawless installation. Here are three fascinating facts about carpet.

The Oldest Known Carpet

Sometime between the 5th and 4th century B.C., the famous ?Pazyryk carpet? was made. In 1949, it was discovered in a burial site in the Altai Mountains of Siberia, Russia. It?s believed that this carpet originated from Armenia.

Gigantic Carpet

Persia is famous for its rug designs, but this one is also famous for its size. In 2007, the Iran Carpet Company made the world?s largest carpet. It was made for the Abu Dhabi mosque. Its constructed size was 64,500 square feet, though portions of the carpet had to be removed to fit the mosque?s floor dimensions.

Origin of the Magic Carpet

In modern culture, the myth of the magic carpet is probably most closely associated with Disney?s Aladdin. However, King Solomon of Israel is the historical figure who was believed to be first associated with magic carpets. Ben Shirira, a 13th century Jewish scholar, is believed to have been the author of the story about how the Queen of Sheba sent a beautiful magic carpet to King Solomon as a token of her love. But there is another King Solomon-oriented story in which God sent King Solomon a magic carpet that could carry 40,000 people aloft. But this carpet made King Solomon prideful, so God decided to punish him by shaking the magic carpet while it was in flight, sending all passengers to their deaths.

Carpet Installation in Cincinnati

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