6 benefits of installing new carpet

6 benefits of installing new carpet

When you replace old, tattered carpet with brand new carpet, your home will feel transformed. Because there are so many great options for carpet, it?s worth consulting a?reputable installation specialist?about which type of carpet will be the ideal fit for your desires and budget. Here are six?reasons to install new carpet?.

Greater Comfort

Especially if you suffer joint pain, carpet is a surface that will provide greater physical comfort. Also, if you like to lie down and stretch out on the floor, you?ll definitely find carpet?s gentleness to be more pleasant.

Reduce Noise

Thick carpet padding helps with absorbing sound that could otherwise become obnoxious. If you enjoy a quiet atmosphere, carpet will help to improve your quality of life.


Because carpet provides more traction than wood flooring, it?s a smart choice for homeowners who aren?t completely sturdy on their feet. In the event that someone does fall, carpet will provide better cushioning than hardwood flooring.

Alleviate Allergies

Some folks who have allergic reactions to dander or pollen find that carpet is actually better for their allergies than some types of hard flooring. This is because the allergens can be easily and uniformly sucked up by vacuuming the carpet, whereas some types of hard flooring have cracks where allergens can escape the broom.

Assorted Styles

When shopping for carpet, you?ll find an extremely wide variety of colors and textures. Carpet materials include: acrylic, nylon, olefin, and wool. A carpet installation specialist can help you decide on the right material for your situation.


With thick carpet padding, your home will be better insulated. During the chilly winter months, this can actually decrease your home?s heating bills by up to 10%.

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