Hardwood floors vs. carpet: a look at each?s benefits

Hardwood floors vs. carpet: a look at each?s benefits

When choosing new flooring for your home, you want to find just the right mix of aesthetic and functional benefits. For important relaxation spaces, such as living rooms and dens, homeowners often find themselves considering the benefits of hardwood floors and carpet. Both of these flooring options have their perks and, obviously, there isn?t a universal right answer for which one should be chosen. But it can be helpful to consult a flooring professional who can take your situation into account and then make a recommendation based on your particular desires and budget. At Cutting Edge Flooring Services, our experienced flooring crew can provide expert advice on what type flooring will work best for your situation. Then we can complete a top-quality install at a reasonable rate.

Reasons to Install Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is highly desirable for its classic charm and unique look. Every hardwood floor has its own grain pattern, giving each floor a truly one-of-a-kind appearance. Beautiful options for hardwood flooring include oak, walnut, cherry, hickory, and maple. Classic hardwoods provide a rustic elegance that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the home, while also offering an ambience that is rich and warm.

Hardwoods are also desirable because they?re highly durable and are low-maintenance. They will hold up strongly against decades of foot traffic and general abuse, though a refinishing every ten years will help to keep them beautiful. Cleaning is generally easy for hardwood floors because dirt doesn?t stick to them. A broom and a dustpan is usually all that?s needed.

Reasons to Install Carpet

For homeowners who prefer a softer surface, carpet is the obvious choice. This is the better option for people who suffer joint pain. Also, because carpet provides better traction, it?s the safer option for those who are no longer fully sturdy on their feet.

The padding under carpet also provides benefits. For one, the padding helps to keep your home better insulated. This insulation can reduce your home?s wintertime heating costs by approximately 10 percent. The padding also insulates against noise. If you prefer to keep your home as tranquil as possible, you?ll appreciate how carpet keeps the volume lower.

Another reason to choose carpet is that there are seemingly endless attractive styles to choose from. No matter your preferred aesthetic, you?ll be able to find a type of carpet that gives you the look you seek.

Flooring in Cincinnati

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