Area rug binding


Enjoy the benefits of area rug binding

Part of the joy of custom rugs is the custom binding you can add to the finished piece. This protects the carpet from raveling and can also add to the visual. It's a great way to take advantage of the attributes they offer.

Now is a great time to start if you've never customized a rug before. The area rug binding process is easy and yields outstanding results, no matter how large the rug is. Be sure to consider the following facts as you start to shop.

Choose the perfect binding

There are three main binding types that you can choose for your custom area rug binding service. And each one has something specific to offer once in place.

  • A standard binding - This binding is simple yet designed to cater to the rug itself. It doesn't stand out but affordably protects the rug edges for easy cleaning. You can choose colors and materials that cater to any room.
  • Serging - This binding offers a finished look that resembles hand stitching in your choice of colors. It's easy to get a more formal appearance with this visual. But you'll also see custom rugs in any room, with results that are perfect for the space.
  • Fringing - These edges offer a very decorative element in your choice of colors. For your convenience, the fringes come in various visuals, colors, styles, and lengths. Reserve these rugs for areas with less traffic for the best results.



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How long does custom binding take?

Based on your choices, an average custom rug takes one to four weeks to create. Once you pick all the elements, we'll give you an accurate estimation of service time. And if you have further questions about custom rugs, feel free to speak with an associate while you're here.

How to care for your rugs

Care can be different for each rug. Of course, once you choose your carpet piece, you'll know better how to care for it. But we'll also give you some tips on a long-wearing rug.
Area rug binding in West Chester, and Cincinnati, OH from Cutting Edge Flooring Services LLC

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